At our core, we strive to provide one-of-a-kind toys that are crafted by hand with great care and attention to detail.


Our goal is to create visually appealing toys that both parents and children will love.

We're committed to helping every family discover the ideal handmade toy that their little one will treasure.

Pajama bags can make bedtime routines even more enjoyable!

PJ's bag is not only a cuddly companion for a little ones at bedtime, but the toy also has a lock cord at the bottom that keeps kids pajamas safe and secure until it's time to go to bed. By encouraging children to place their pajamas inside the toy each morning, you're helping them learn about the importance of keeping things tidy and organized. 

We use hypoallergenic yarn

All crochet toys in our shop are handmade in Latvia by using hypoallergenic and very soft baby yarn that suitable for newborns.

Our customers is a parent who cherishes handcrafted items

Our customers love the thought of creating a nursery space filled with handmade pieces and a unique style that sets it apart from others. They look for pieces that offer style and simplicity while keeping their child's development in mind.

Letter from the founder

The history of MeMellow began when I was , expecting my son. I was looking for a way to pass the time in my pregnancy, but I also wanted something to pass down to my baby, something that was both useful and special. In 2019, I learned on a new skill - crocheting - with a passion i didn’t  expected. I used this  skills to craft a one-of-a-kind soft toy for my son, that was both beautiful and multifunctional. This first toy  inspired me to sell toys online and share this with all other moms around the world. From those beginnings, MeMellow has now grown to become an online shop offering customers very unique and multifunctional soft toys that is also improves child skills. As a mom myself, I absolutely love this concept and wanted to share it with parents all around the world. I see how it can make bedtime routines even more enjoyable!